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Looking for a Bankruptcy Lawyer by Hudson WI?

Wisconsin native Chelsea Whitley is a Bankruptcy Lawyer and sole practitioner serving St. Croix County, WI.

Debts can overtake a person’s happy life and turn into grievous nightmare. When people have low income or their expenditure is comparable to their income, it becomes very difficult to cut money to pay debt off. Besides, continuous calls from creditors harass debtors and affect their confidence. However, the federal law of the USA has provisions that release a debtor off all unsecured debts. Chelsea Whitely is a bankruptcy attorney Hudson Wisconsin who can take care of various credit/debt issues in the locality. Chelsea Whitely is MBA as well as a doctorate in jurisprudence.

Education is the key to proper understanding of laws pertaining to debts/credits. People often get harassed even though they can rightfully avoid it. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed in to eliminate harassment from people’s life and allow them to make a fresh start. These may include any of the following financial instruments which people use to take extra cash for meeting their necessities:

  • Credit-card debts,
  • Medical bills,
  • Pay day loans and
  • Utility bills are included as unsecured loans can be filed to be released off the debtor in case the concerned person has less than medium income in the respective state.

For people of Wisconsin, Dr. Chelsea Whitely is among the best option for bankruptcy attorney Hudson Wisconsin. Whenever debtors resolve to file for bankruptcy, they must consider pre-filing counselling of bankruptcy attorney Hudson Wisconsin. This is one of the 5 steps of the process through which one has to go to ensure bankruptcy claim sustenance. Pre-filing counselling is important because debtor education, which is required after the petition is filed, cannot be completed without it. After these formalities, meetings with creditors are arranged and then the debts are relieved, if approved by the authority.

Immediate benefits of bankruptcy claim are relief from creditors’ calls as the Automatic Stay rule prohibits creditors from calling debtors after the claim has been made. A creditor, however, may call mistakenly. Besides, a creditor may call third parties but only for confirmation of the debtor’s status. In addition to these, collectors are prohibited to reveal information about debt to anyone other than

  • Creditor’s attorney,
  • Credit reporting agency,
  • Debtor’s bankruptcy attorney Hudson Wisconsin,
  • Parents of a minor debtor,
  • Respective creditors and
  • Spouse of debtor
  • The grant of bankruptcy claim is almost ensured as long as information about assets and liabilities are accurately and honestly disclosed by a debtor to its bankruptcy attorney Hudson Wisconsin. Under normal circumstances, the 3months, i.e. 90days are required from bankruptcy claim to its grant. One of the spouses may raise the claim of bankruptcy in case of jointly-owned properties; financial information of the other spouse is, however, required in the process. A debtor may gradually and steadily restructure his/her financial and credit affairs after the grant of bankruptcy claim. The documents which the bankruptcy attorney Hudson Wisconsin would require to look into the matter and help the client out are:
    • Assets and properties evaluation
    • Copies of federal and state income tax returns of last 2 years,
    • Income records of last 6 months,
    • Lists of debts
    • Pre-bankruptcy credit counselling certificate

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